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ENGG 2100
John Runciman

ENGINEERING DRAWINGS: MANUFACTURING: • Manufacturing affects at least 4 stages of design development &will have significant impact on project progress and its ultimate success. • The genesis of an idea concept or motivation • Team building • Create a mission or vision • Brainstorming ideas and concepts • Develop concepts • Build prototypes • Test prototypes or concepts • Finalize designs • Execute final designs • Test final designs • Market and celebrate • Review project and……. Prototype vs. production: One off…versus … Multiple Unit intensive … versus process … intensive Manufacturing: Primarily standard processes adapted to the creation of specific features of a design Prototype manufacturing: • One off • Design elements must be capable of being created using some available means • Prototype manufacturing methods often not continued into production • Costing important but often offset by timeline demands and benefits of prototype testing requirements • Development of expensive tooling and production jigs at this stage can be costly if they are not used in production • Streamlined manufacturing • Design optimization for cost effective manufacture can free funds for other development activities, i.e. testing, etc. • Additional money spent on the manufact
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