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Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

SEPTEMBER 6 th– WEEK 1 - Begin with writing an agenda on the board - You  Your classroom (Psyc course)  Ontario (Legal Principles)  Society (Social Foundations of Education) - Foundations - One item for portfolio from every single course. Choose one class contribution to submit and write a reflection on, in APA format. Example posted on Blackboard. Reflection is written in class but can be emailed within 48hours if not completed. To be marked by prof. - Outline Page 13 „Dispositions‟ Grading = 20%. Jurisdictions - Education in Canada is purely a provincial jurisdiction. Thus, the rules in Ontario do not apply elsewhere. There are both laws and policies that govern us. - Law = enforced; legislation that has been passed; can be made only by government. E.g. (new) Sabrina‟s law in adhering to allergies. - Policy = softly enforced; guidelines for how to do things; there are consequences; can be made by anyone. E.g. Curriculum Policy (i.e. what topics we must teach. Assessment Policy (how to grade students). School dress code policies. Equity and Inclusion policies. Environmental education policies, etc. - Bill 115: Putting Students 1 Act  NOT about money, but includes: a wage freeze, and getting rid of sick days (which are non-issues). Significant: No strikes (ever), no collective bargaining, taking away hiring autonomy from the boards. Until now every school board had a separate collective agreement, where a strike would only affect the particular school board in question. T
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