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Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

SEPTEMBER 20 THLECTURE TIPS:  Your practicum review will detail the kind of classroom management you have  an engaged class with lots of focused discussion (even laughter if appropriate) may produce a better evaluation than a that is completely silent and stuck in their seats.  The degree to which students are paying attention to what you are saying is important.  If students are not engaged then consider that maybe your lessons are boring! Put the onus on yourself, not the student.  Classroom management & fear often go hand in hand  Motivate them to want to show up. Give them something to look forward to.  Think about your job as making learning happen. Focus on learning strategies, not teaching strategies.  TIP: “The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs”  use fairy tales to teach law concepts in mock trials for younger students.  Review technique > flash jeopardy game found on pinto- ouisie.blogspot.com MYTHS  Movie freedom writers > myth about students and ability  that minoritized students (that come from poverty) will not succeed unless rescued by s
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