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Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

SEPTEMBER 26 THLECTURE - Pedagogy of Discomfort – Dr. Megan Boler  When we learn things that shake up pour worldview, it causes discomfort, sadness, anger, alienation, etc.  This is worth thinking about when teaching our students. You must give them permission to feel uncomfortable, disengage and get away if they need to. - Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (2010). Up until 1996, we had an anti-racism branch in the Ministry, whose job was to promote anti-racist _ in schools.  Around 1999 we got PPM119 = the Policy and Program Memo. It tells directors of education things they should be considering. Was very vague at this time; i.e. “your school must be equitable and inclusive”. - The 2010 policy was less vague and said that EVERY DISTRICT must have a plan, and all schools must be INCLUSIVE. EQUITY  resources that allow ALL to succeed. Equity is not the same as equality: i.e. an L2 English learner will require extra resources to be brought up to the same level of English proficiency as students whose first language was English. May include different books, different degrees of assistance. Develop good communication with the student to figure out in what areas they are struggling and what will help them (i.e. will lending you this book help you?, etc.). INCLUSIVE  EVERYONE is part of and feels part of the group/community. Not concrete; varies based on who is in your class and what it takes
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