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University of Guelph
Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

OCTOBER 4 TH LECTURE Weekly readings notes: - Gatto: Schooling is about warehousing people through and getting them to conform. Does not foster creativity, etc. - Question: Is schooling the same as education? Schooling happens within the walls of a school institution. Education happens anywhere. - Fighting for equity for everyone. Pinto: “I don’t think schools do or should reflect real life. What is the purpose of education? Learning, developing an individual, and planting the seeds for big transformation.  If we get people into the big patterns of society that exist, we’re replicating them. Do we want to replicate injustices and inequities or create an inclusive 1939atmosphere and strive toward equity?” - Pogro – school reform is never going to work because school reform is based on myth. Curriculum, structural, finance, (policy) reforms we see are only based on what we hope is going to work out, not on facts. - Attrition rates for teachers (fired, quit): 50% over the first 5 years. Novel in an hour activity: Have enough copies of the novel or
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