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University of Guelph
Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

The Sabertooth Curriculum (book) > 1939 Really about relevance, Hitler (other tribe), the Depression (youth unemployed), etc., but has been continuously relevant to society. The problems of education are enduring. In Chapter 3 he is upset b/c having ppl do make-work gets us nowhere i.e. keeping people busy, in education, just to keep them out of the workforce so that there wont be an oversupply of workers and no jobs. Calls attention to school role of labour-market participation (keeping people busy). Elimination of mandatory retirement in Ontario.  They changed: start collecting CPP at 65. Used to be that at 65 you could retire and medi-care would kick in. Does not kick in until 67 so very risky not to keep working for those 2 years in case you get sick. Medicare coverage needs to be rolled back to 65 so that people How could
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