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Lecture 4

ENVS 2330 Lecture 4: Lecture #4 2330

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University of Guelph
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 2330
Neil Rooney

eNvs 2330 Lecture 4 divers major Patterns Biodiversi Spatial byecas.tste size latrude. enero rimary roduct Dn) correlated to Diodivers bab tat Complex taxonowac differences temporal geologic recent AMA Taxa 4 tends to be higher levels of dive of sualler things species dvarsity Has been increasing have been mass extinctions hall about rate of extinctions ecosusteu function Services any standing concept steu fanchon 2 what is services to function versus services econo Annu c Services functian versus services functions tend to be more euclogicae in rature product vety respiration nument etc. prvu tary services tend to be more focused on benefit freshwater supply polllnatans,etc... much debate about uhlrfng of ecosy Anchons ste Ecosystem Divers function Bicou ass is it a function? Hypothesized mechanisms 'involves biodiverse experiments, us Y pling effects such that sseuub are involve comumunthes that have more species have greater poobbi of ant higher. Phenotypac -mait d Phenotypic diver then maps ont ecos1steun prases through 2 ma mechanisms domitance of species w/ particular traits complementar hy among species w drffenent trants termeci ate scan Aunctonal pachcular substs of couple as seeded Caumun -function O A dawurance. Caup. coup ng ecosystem processes Is stability afnahan ncreased diversita has been bed to dereased varability in eLe
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