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Art in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France

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University of Guelph
European Studies
EURO 1200
Paola Mayer

Art in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France Art as propaganda before media, you use paintings political leaders would commission paintings do engravings that you could circulate establish revolutionary heroes/martyrs death of marat commemorate key moments Celebrate N. as victorious, fearless general; as leader who will take France to glory and prosperity represent Napoleon himself used to counter negative propaganda Counter negative propaganda Establish N. as legitimate ruler, heir of ancient/medieval emperors had to be careful not to be painted in a way that disconnected him from the previous monarchy (Louis…) Artists Jacques-Louis David (1748-18250 David, The Oath at the Tennis Court (1791) David Louis XVI had the third estate locked out Oath by deputies of National Assembly not to disperse until have drafted a constitution King could have had them all arrested They are behaving as heroes of the revolution to be hung in the hall of the national assembly to encourage those of the future, they will be inspired to have the same dedication never finished, the political scene took a turn similar to the oath of horatti figure with hand raised taking the oath president of the national assembly figures swearing loyalty, hands raised towards the central figure alluding to the oath of horatti, same concept of loyalty to the nation, and civic virtue devotion to their country in the face of personal danger presenting itself as the heir to the roman structure (democracy) when presented it was hung under the oath of horatii the french people, are witnessing this historic event in the windows at the top Death of Marat David Art used to make martyrs Bonaparte Crossing the Alps (1800-1801) David Napoloeon commissioned david to paint this just as he had bent he official painter for the revolution, he was now napoleon's official painter First successful campaign that built his reputation showing Napoloeon poised to descend into Itatly to conquer showing history being made into myth only two generals before napoleon, who successes in envied itatly through the alps Hannibal Charlegmagne david has put these names on the rock saying there have only been two generals to match Napoleon's greatness Napoleon on a fiery horse at the head of his troops in reality he crossed the alps on a mule at the back of the troops Horse position, is completely impossible, presenting him in this was as he is practically ready to fly up, with no fears Horse is fiery, to show how much energy is surrounding Napoleon White Horse, symbolism back o greek mythology Shows Napoleon's strength because he is able to control this crazed horse Napoleon, in reality was a rather same man, in the painting he is made to look bigger Golden cape, and beautiful clean uniform and tights not practical for crossing the alps Bright light shinning on him face, fearless and determined, full of energy and passion always be pointing, onwards and upwards Napole
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