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innovations in early 20th century music

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European Studies
EURO 2200
Margot Irvine

Euro lecture 11/19/2012 8:41:00 AM Arnold Schoenberg ( 2 nd gienesse school) (anton werbern killed in war, Alban Berg – wrote opera for lover, Wozzeck1st atonal opera tried to find medium of atonal/tonal) Before shoenberg There were rules in music, like its own language, he saw it as a emancipation of sound, instead of expectation, he did not see himself as a destroyer, followers agree Expressionism, discomfort, removal of expectations, He grew up in Vienna, at anti Semitism, he saw evils of the war, wanted people to confront the evils, disturbed by people who enjoyed Vaugner, didn’t like people to just enjoy music, instead of thinking about it. Music specifically intended to wake you up Schoenburg hated term atonal, perfered pantonal including every tone, Music will always be tonal Serial Music (atonal) Goals 1) free dissonance 2) To eschew Tonal relationship, didn’t want to respevt formal modals, or syntax relationship, find way to organize without harmony. 3) to render formal coherence witout using underlying definitations Dodecaphony: music that uses all twelve nots of the chromatic. Tonal music follows rules. Dodecaphony treats each note equally Row or series: Specific collection of 12 notes Organicism: that music is generated out of the small cell, looks like sudoko puzzle that has mathematics behind it, akin to scientific revolution Pierrot Lunaire (1912) Series of poetry Stock characters with specific roles, from commedia dell’ arte Albert Giraud 21 songs for voice motley crue of instruments, that create a series of pieces, person performing used -- Sprechstimme “speech voice” approximate the pitch then fallaway from it. People didn’t know what to do with this , who do we connect it to, people were l
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