Chapter10-Middle Childhood: Social and Emotional Development

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Triciavan Rhijn

Chapter 10 Middle Childhood Social and Emotional Development LO1 Theories of Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood PSYCHOANALYTICAL THEORYthFreud children in middle years are in the latency stagethe 4 stage of psychosexual development characterized by repression of sexual impulses and development of skills othis period focuses on developing intellectual social and other culturally valued skillsErik Erikson saw major developmental task as the acquisition of cognitive and social skills labelled this stage as industry versus inferioritymastery of tasks leads to a sense of industry whereas failure produces feeling of inferiority Children with difficulties in school or with peer groups may develop sense of inferiority SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORYFocuses on importance of rewards and modelling in middle childhood increasingly regulate their own behaviour depend less on external rewards and punishments Exposed to an increase in a variety of models teachers other adults peers tv charactersCOGNITIVEDEVELOPMENTAL THEORY AND SOCIAL COGNITION Piaget middle childhood coincides with stage of concrete operations and is paretly characterized by a decline in egocentrism and an expansion of the capacity to view the world and oneself from the perspective of othersSocial cognition development of childrens understanding of the relationship between self and others Five Levels of Perspective Takingdeveloped by Robert SelmanLevelApproximate Age What Happens 036 Children are Egocentricdo not realize that other people have perspectives different from their own Child assumes everyone feels as they doa
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