Week #3 Lecture

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Susan Chuang

Week 3human Development Physical Functions of a Neonate y Average 17a7 hours y A little here a little therey Sleepwake patterns linked to hunger y 4 months 14 hours y Sleep longer at a time y High portion in REM y REM Rapid eye Movement y 20 adults in REM dream state y 50 neonates Crying y Crying verge of 23 hoursday y Cry X culture huntergatherers slingy Colic 3 hoursday 3 days 3 weeks y Otherwise normal baby unable to soothe Culture Neonatal Sleep Patterns Kipsigis Kenya y Infants are in slingback with mothers so swaddled y Sleep more y At nightsleep with mother so able to feed y First year about 3 hr periodsAmericans y 8 months American babies sleep about 8 hours y Sleep in separate roomBreast Feeding y Disease protectionantibodies et al that builds infants immune system y Decrease illness diseases such as ear infections diarrhea asthma y Cognitive developmentnutrients promote early brain development y Esp Pretermlow weight infants y Reduced obesity 6 months in childhood y Better health in childhood adulthoodMother BenefitsBreastfeeding y Triggers release hormone oxytocin decreases bleeding in uterus causing to return to its original size
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