FRHD 1020 Lecture 17: Frhd1020-march29

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Shayna Skakoon- Sparling

Frhd1020 March 29 , 2017 Minority stress model Some Canadian families have to deal with extra baseline stress: - LGBTQ families - Families of colour What is conflict? Conflict is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals · Interdependence o People who are not dependent upon each other · Perceived incompatible goals o This is what we fight about · Perceives scarce resources · Interference o Associated with blocking Conflict and communication · Communication is central in all interpersonal conflict · Activated by a triggering event Conflict strategies · Behaviours intended to manage or resolve conflict · Can reduce or escalate it Strategic choice · Partners have a choice in how they respond to conflict o Choices may be informed foresight o Choices may about be from guesswork, mindlessness, or habit. Habit such as yelling all the time · Factors that explain why partners choose one strategy rather than another o Situational factors are things like third parties. Friends or family members or anyone outside the conflict who has opinions or suggestions. They are within the situation and they try to influence the person to act a certain way. o Structural arrangement. We think of gender roles and different roles in society and who has power in the relationship etc. this all decides what conflict solution strategy we are going to use. **exam** avoid the most common argument patterns · Esther perel. Confirmation values: boyfriend decided for various reasons that when you are late, he gets upset, boyfriend decided that you are purposely dissing him, forgetting multiple times that you weren’t late and that you do not care what he says. Abuse Family violence · Department of justice Canada definition o Includes many different forms of abuse. Forms of abuse that both adults and children can experience on family kindships or dependent and interdependent relationships with spousal o Definition will continue to change · Common types of family violence o Physical abuse o Sexual abuse and exploitation o Neglect o Psychological or emotional abuse o Economic or financial abuse o Spiritual abuse, punishment or forbidding for certain practices or believing · Police reported violence against children and youth o Most at risk to be physically or sexually assaulted by someone they knew · Same-sex couples (stats Canada, 2006) o 70% of spousal incidents between same sex couple reported to police between 19995 and 2004 were single incidents o compared to 62% among heterosexual couples · police-reported spousal violence o represents about 12% of all police reported violent crime. o Majority victims of spousal violence continue to be females – accounts for 83% of victims. Includes divorces, married, common law couples Anger vs abuse: difference? Anger: · Natural and healthy feeling · Lash out or say things that we don’t mean o In a safe environment o In control o Non violent · Occurs in all contexts of life · Closure and opportunities for responsibility. They say it was an emotional response and realize. Abuse: · Not natural and unhealthy. Unless it happens a lot and the extend of it and also disturbs family or work. · Purposeful, strategic, and choice o Power o Thinks other person is the problem · Occurs in private · Does not take responsibility Common features of family violence · Isolation o Private form of aggression o Level of family privacy increases, social control decreases  Su
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