FRHD 1020 Lecture 11: Couples and Families

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sandra Pericak

CouplesandFamilies February 8, 2017 Cohabitation and Marriage BAKER ELIZABETH why do people who live together choose to get married o There are very few legal and social benefits to getting married why do we do it? o Does cohabitation indicate transformations in relationships OR a new pathway towards marriage? o Couples who eventually married did so because they decided to make a public commitment and to celebrate their successful relationship with family and friends o Wedding practices were shaped by social pressures and cultural representations o Couples continue to incorporate traditional practices into their relationship regardless of their relationship or sexual orientation o Marriages are more personalized couples and partners are their own authors of their love story, writing your own rules, making it your own, but still has culturalsocial significance CHANEY , MITCHEL, BARKER is there a difference in relationship satisfaction between engaged and nonengaged cohabitors? o No significant differences in commitment or satisfaction o Cohabitations function is very similar to marriage when it comes to satisfaction, whether or not the partners decided to get engaged or not Reasons to Get Married Security Opposite of previous relationship Rebound Fear of being alonecompanionship Religious reasons Emotional security Start a family Intense physical attraction Economic security Family pressure Escape parent homerebel against control Why do we marry? M ATOUSCHEK AND RASUL o Exogenous payoff couple is rewarded by society by getting married, it is a rite of passage or transition into adulthood o Commitment device marriage promotes relationshipspecific investments, they are more difficult to end than any other union, shows commitment to partner
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