FRHD 1020 Lecture 6: Couples and Families

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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 1020
Sandra Pericak

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CouplesFamilies January 25, 2017 Theories about Love Is love blind? People underestimate lovers faults Ignore negative personality aspects Rosetinted glasses Falling in love activates good mood, deactivates judgement Love can be misattributed Romanticpassionate love: attribution of arousal to another person Cause for arousal can be misattributed Arousal caused by one event is attributed to a second event o E.g. Bridge Study stopping men on a scary bridge for a project, stopping men on a safe bridge for a study, more ppl called her that met her on the scary bridge and the stories they wrote were more romanticsexual in nature As our heart is beating in our chest, we look for the most attractive stimulus to explain it if an attractive person is standing by we assume weve fallen in love (with them) o E.g. Exercise Study men see an attractive or nonattractive woman in video with different degrees of physical exertion and asked to rate her, those more arousedexerted were more likely to rate female as attractive nd 2 study was with pos. or neg. or neutral video (instead of exercise) priming for arousal, men who were aroused (either neg or pos) were more likely to rate the woman as attractive Age and Love Age is confounded with experience Longer relationships have greater experience with different stages of love, more time to build intimacy, more time to have passion fade The older you are, the more experience with relationships you have, and the different types of love you will encounter Passion begins to fade between 630 mos. into a relationship
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