FRHD 1020 Lecture 4: Couples and Families

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sandra Pericak

CouplesFamilies January 18, 2016 Family Theories and Research Life Course Theory 5 principles: o Human development happens throughout life o Individuals construct their own lives through choices and actions o Life courses are shaped by the times we live in o The same vents affect individualsfamilies differently depending on their life course o Lives are linked Family Research Areas of Consideration Social dynamics people change, families change o Change can be measured across points in time o Identity and change are central to developing a dynamic theory o Does not look at unique events or changes we want analysis to be generalizable Life Course Analysis Events o Individuals lives are experienced as events o Actual date is not important the event contains the information about our lives o Relatively instantaneous (not long) o Most life events are considered normative Stage o Duration of time characterized by a particular property not present before the stage, and not present after the stage o A beginning point marked by a transitional event and an ending with an exiting transitional event Stage transitions o Every person and organization experiences them o May contain intense adjustment which leads to high stress Pathways o The path we take from stage to stage o Transitions depend on: Stage you are currently in How long youve been in that stage The social norms favoring one type of transition over another Types of Family Research CrossCultural
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