FRHD 1020 Lecture 7: Couples and Families

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sandra Pericak

CouplesFamilies January 30, 2017 Dating Mate Selection History of Dating Pre1920s o Dating was chaperoned o It was serious, a commitment to marriage Courting 19201960 o Less supervision, more freedom o Courtship was considered a rite of passage you can be in a relationship and figure out your gender roles, status, and identity, explore yourself, see how you relate to other people 1960s and Beyond o More freedom for women less up to men to choose who they pursue, planning dates, initiating relationships o Less formal not calling days ahead, more spontaneous, casual, group activities o Use of technology, having fun, meeting new people less serious, less commitment! Wentland, Muise, and Desmarais (2010) Gender roles still in place o 71 agreed men should pay the bill o 4 say women should pay the bill lmao o 71 said women need to wear fancy underwear o 4 said it was needed for men W HY? To increase social status Skipper and Nass Functions of Dating: o Gain Status ones partner can increase the others social status, if they are attractive then others will see them and assume you are attractive too o Socialization learn how to behave in intimate encounters, socialize on how to behave in relationships, outsider view on personality and character o Recreation having fun, trying new things, doing things with other people
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