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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Robin Milhausen

Chapter 17-The Spirit of Health and Wellness What is Spirituality?  Spirituality can be defined as a sacred matter of things of an ecclesiastical nature or something highly valued or important  Considered a connection with everything in creation/animating force  Is built upon the idea of a higher power/intelligence/god  There are many definitions of what spirituality is  Common elements in spirituality are hope, meaning, purpose in life, connectedness, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, ritual recognition of what is sacred and a belief in a higher power  Religion is often compared to spirituality  Spirituality is about feeling more complete and fulfilled as a human being Integration of Body, Mind and Sprit  There is considered to be a connection between your body, your mind and your spirit First Nations’ Spirituality  First Nations people are leaders in the area of spirituality  It is common belief among First Nations people that the “great spirit” created the earth and its people  It is also understood that the earth is the mother of all life and people. Also, the environment has a spirit and should be respected  Some academic believe that First Nations spirituality links to health  A sweat lodge is supposed to increase your spirituality  Native spiritual life is a connectedness of all natural  This connectedness is shown in the story of the sacred tree  4 parts to sacred tree symbol: Protection, Nourishment, Growth and Wholeness Spiritual Dimensions  It is important to be open to the concept of spirituality and find comfortable ways to support you spiritual dimensions How Do I Begin Learning about My Spiritual Dimensions  four domains of the spiritual dimension Interconnectedness  Operating as a unit or a state of being connected reciprocally  It is important to set time aside in order to question who we are and what we want to accomplish  All humans are connected  This oneness is what some people called God/universal energy  Connectedness can be referred to as our conscience, which shows us that we are part of a bigger world and that our actions impact others  Our ego is our self -centeredness  Ego without consciousness allows us to behave in ways that are not healthy and well Mindfulness  A process of bringing attention to a moment be moment experience  Considere
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