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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Soo Min Toh

Chapter 9- Leadership Theories of Leadership  Behavioral Theories  Consideration vs. initiating structure  Employee-centered vs. job-centered  Socio-emotional vs. Task leadership  “Feminine” vs. “Masculine” styles  Fiedler’s Contingency Theory – Must consider leadership style and situation favorability  Leadership style:  Two types: Relationship-oriented & Task-oriented  Styles defined by: Description of least preferred coworker (LPC)  Leadership style is enduring characteristic  When leaders are under stress, concentrate on 1st priorities  Situation Favorability  An organization must match leaders to situations  Assign appropriate leaders  Create appropriate situations  Situational favorability defined by:  Leader-member relations  Task structure  Position power Path-Goal Guidelines to Be Effective Leader  Determine the outcomes subordinates want o e.g., good pay, job security, interesting work, and autonomy to do one’s job, etc.  Reward individuals with their desired outcomes when they perform well  Be clear with expectations o Let individuals know what they need to do to receive rewards (the path to the goal) o Remove barriers that prevent high p
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