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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Robyn Pitman

FRHD 1020 Winter 2014 Couple and Family Relationships Midterm and Online Quiz Study Review Guide Week 4 Week 4 Lecture • Discuss the history of dating (see pages 50-53 of textbook) o Discuss what dating was like before the 1920's and what it was like after World War 1 o Discuss the 4 stages of dating o Discuss what dating was like from the 1960's to present day - discuss the changes in how dating is perceived • Discuss the function of dating today and how it can be a source of pressure (see page 53 of textbook) • Discuss the 4 functions identified by Skipper and Nass (1968; see page 53 of textbook) • Discuss the 4 general premarital sexual standards that exist within dating and sex (see pages 5354) • Discuss the various ways individuals meet someone to date as well as the emergence of online dating and it's pros and cons • Identify and discuss the variations in dating • Identify and discuss how the following theories work as well as the concepts within each theory that can be used to understand attraction and dating (see pages 55-58 of textbook) o Propinquity Theory o Similarity Theory (i.e., assortative mating, homogam
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