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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1100
Mayne Devine

Life, Health and Wellbeing Why do Students drink?-to be social, peer pressure, stress, confidence, to fit in, to relax, to get drunk, to feel good, celebrate, self-medicate, lower inhibitions etc Instead of drinking we should encourage more programs that help people build confidence and social skills. Crosses the line when it becomes not just a recreation usage but where the alcohol uses you. -Questions if alcohol is a social lubricant and if it should be used that way -More likely to drink at the beginning of the semester, after exams, during reading week, around athletic events and early in the school careers. Canadian Campus Survey-just over 6000 students interviews between the ages of 16-65 and across 40 different universities. 86% used alcohol in the last year, 77% in the past month. A lot of people believe others are drinking more than they are. -Atlantic Province is the province that drinks the most heavily and this could be because of cultural differences or because there is more poverty there. -Drinking is more prevalent in on-campus students than off campus. -Approx 16% students are involved in frequent heavy drinking (5drinks or more in 1 sitting) 12% in infrequent heavy drinking. -Those who drank in the past month did so 1.3 times a week, averaged 6.5 drinks a week. 40% drank more than 5 drinks in a single sitting and 17% had 8 drinks or more twice a week. 32% show signs of problem drinking. Binge drinking-Considered 5 drinks or more for guys and 4 for girls. 44% student binge drank in the past 2 weeks. 52% men did considered possibly because we have a culture that pushes towards drinking for men and 31% for women. Problems-Sexual issues, missing classes, hangover, physical injuries etc. Physical Effects-Central nervous system depressant, it isn’t digested but absorbed through the mouth, stomach and small intestine and goes to your brain as soon as it is drunk. Carried into the blood stream and keeps passing through the brain until the liver has time to oxidize it. Hangovers-Symptoms-headaches, anxiety, thirst, fatigue. Caused by-dehydration of brain cells when we try to re-hydrate them the nerve pain accompanies swelling. The treatments are shower, aspirin, toast, fluids and TIME. st Smoking-1 cause of preventable deaths in society. 90% of new smokers are teenagers and children. Kills 3 times more than car accidents. It’s a very hard addiction to quit. -20% Canadians smoke, approx 15 cigarettes a day. 13% student smoke which is down from the 90’s. Cigarettes are the only product available that when used correctly is fatal. -88% try their first cigarette by 18, women are heavier smokers than in the past. Earning less than 40,000 you are more likely to smoke. Health issues-Cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory illness.
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