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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Tuuli Kukkonen

Professionals’ changing view of parents - Increased importance of the role of families in education - Reciprocal nature of parent-child interactions - Some researchers say that even as infants they have bad tempers - Reciprocal between parents and child actions - Empathy for parent responses, we know its not just the parents influencing children, but also children influencing parents - Professionals seeks parents for information bc they have a spefic knowledge on such topic Importance of families to teachers - Families… o Provide teachers with personal info o Provide background info and medical histories o Reinforce directives that teachers give their students, especially on homework assignments o Don’t want children receiving conflicting directions from teachers or parents o Support teachers by serving as chaperones or volunteers in the classroom o Determine students’ interests for long-term educational goals o Tell them about which types of discipline works best for their child o Help teachers determine each student’s strengths and needs The effects of a Child with an Exceptionality on the family - Child with exceptionalities might need household changes or might move to a closer physician/therapist - Chores and household maintenance may not be done on time - Parent’s may pass up on promotions or job opportunities due to the high demand of child Parental Reactions - A stage theory approach o Shock and distribution o Denial o Sadness o Anxiety and fear o Anger o Adaption - Argument against a strict stage model - Sequential stages parents may go through when having a child with an exceptionality - Many parents say they do not engage in denial, and it is these parents that are first to suspect an abnormality in child Discussion - Discuss the benefits and limitations of a stage theory approach to parental reactions after learning their child has an exceptionality o They are able to go through the stages and come to terms with the fact their life has changed and therefore will be more adapt to excepting it in the future o Benefits to stage approach: it normalizes their emotions and thoughts and there is some sort of label to what they are going through, but if the
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