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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2110
Agnieszka Woznia

Textbook Notes Chapter 6Henry Murray coined the term personology the study of human lives and the factors that influence their development with a particular emphasis on differences among individuals and their personality typesMurray Habit system a concept that describes customary modes of behaviour that have become almost automatic and occur repeatedly without conscious thought accounting for rigid and persisting behavioursMurray agreed with the id ego and superego concept He added that the id also contained more acceptable instincts that reflected psychological needs as well as fantasies faith and creative aspirations He also agreed with the concept of defense mechanismsMurray studied 50 men over a 25 year period using 25 different forms of assessment calling this the multiform method which is now used by many corporations to evaluate employeesMurray The concept of press represents the influence of the situation contributing to his behaviour either the objectiveactual situation alpha press or the perceiv
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