Week 4 Lecture

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2110
Michelle Preyde

WEEK 4 Speech Disorders y Voice disorders y Dysfluency o Stuttering y Cluttering y Orofacial defects y Muscular control o Eg Dysarthriagroup of speech disorders from disturbed muscular control partial or complete paralysis y Noam Chomskythought that speech and language development was biologically programmed Outcomes and Intervention y Developmental outcomes o Cognitive academic social cultural y Intervention o Medical speech therapy technological y Educational o Some strategies modelling expansion restating what they say in an expanded form recasting resay it in the correct way if they are saying something in the wrong way repeat directiveLEARNING DISABILITYLearning Disability y NJCLD national joint committee on learning disa
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