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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2270
Robyn Pitman

How do children acquire grammar? Evidence for Inborn Mechanism 1) Brain regions are known to be involved in language processing; left hemisphere is critical in understand language. Broca’s area: necessary for combining words into meaningful sentences; suggests that we have specialized neural circuits for learning grammar. 2) Only humans learn grammar readily; neural mechanisms unique to humans. Studies with chimpanzees: close in terms of brain structure but not quite the same; tried to teach sign language; chimps can only master a handful of grammatical rules for 2 word speech (not comparable to pre-schoolers level); trouble expressing complicated ideas that humans learn. 3) Children develop linguistic communication with little or no language input; deaf children – no input from parents who do not know how to sign spontaneously produce gestural or sign communication Studies found that deaf children have developed basic communication into a signed language with its own grammar. 4) Critical period for learning language; birth to 12 years (spoken or signed); if not acquired then, they will never master language. Studies of feral or isolated children: may be able to learn few words, but do not understand the use of language; missing early languages experiences; (victor and Jeanie). 5) Grammar is tied to development of vocabulary; both are part of the language system;
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