FRHD 2270

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2270
Robyn Pitman

October 22 , 2012 Week 8 0 language development 4 aspects of language  Phonology: speech sounds  Semantics: words and their meanings  Grammar: structure of language  Pragmatics: language is used for effective communication Phonological development - Ability to attend to sound sequences o To produce sounds o Combine them to understand words/ phrases - Development completed by age 5 o Some not acquired until middle childhood o For example: “green house” vs. “greenhouse” - Simplify the pronunciation of adult words o Examples: delete unstressed syllable, “banana” becomes “nana” - Replace hissing sounds with stop consonant sounds o Examples” “sea” becomes “tea”, or “say” becomes “tay” Semantic Development - Study of words and their meanings - Children understand more words than they use - Children say first word at 12 months - Age 6 o Vocabulary of 10,000 words o Learn 5 new words a day - Fast – mapping o Rapid connection of new words to meanings o Cannont consider all meanings for new words o Improves with age - 5 mnths difference o Between comprehension of 50 words (language understood) and production of 50 words (language they use) Sematic: Early Word Production - Types of words in toddler’ 50-word Vocabulary - Object words (66%) o Words children can move - From the “thing world” o Example: doggie, ball, shoe - Includes familiar people o Example: mom - Action words (13%) o Words that describe, demand, or come with an action or that express or demand attention o Example: bye-bye, go - State words (9%) o Words that refer to properties, qualities, or events o Example: all gone, big, dirty, hot, mine - Personal/social words (8%) o Words that express emotional states and social relationships o Example: no, please, ouch, thank-you - Function words (4%) o Words that fill a grammatical function o Example: for, is, what Common word use errors - Under-extension o Define words too narrowly o Example: bear for a special toy for one child - Overextension (1-3 years
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