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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2270
Robyn Pitman

October 31 , 2012 FRHD For social working you need to have empathy for people and pick up on their emotions Temperament - How we react and regulate ourselves (biological) o React  Quickness and intensity of our emotion, attention or physical action o Regulation  How we display that reaction o Important  Learn to regulate emotions, temperament improves  Organized approach to the world Rothbart (2004) - 3 dimensions- work together, not independently 1. Surgency/extraversion - The extent to which a child is generally happy, active and vocal - Regularly seeks interesting stimulation 2. Negative affect - The extent to which a child is angry, fearful and shy - Not easily soothed 3. Effortful control - The extent to which a child can focus attention, not easily distract - Can inhibit responses - Example: don’t express angry feelings Application to parents - Accept child’s temperament and adjust parenting Stability of Temperament - Middle childhood to Adulthood o Temperament is moderately stable  Example: shy at age 1, shy at age 12 o Not for certain – temperament is predisposition  Example: shy at age 1, social at age 12 - Nature o Identical twins more alike in temperament - Nurture o Interactions with parents, model positive emotions Attachment theory – video shown ** wire and cloth monkey mother Bowlby and Attachment - Promotes survival o Attaching to a parent ensures food and care - Security o Feeling safe and trusting others o Sense that someone is always there for you  Through consistent, sensitive and responsive care o Most visible when  Stressed, ill or afraid Four Characteristics of Attachment - Proximity seeking o Maintaining physical closeness  Example: touching their leg, sitting on lap - Separation distress o Visibly show distress when being separated  Example: crying, reaching for parents - Secure Base o
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