January 31 Program for Human Design

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2350
Mayne Devine

Tuesday January 31 Group Work In 1959 Olmstead dened a group as a plurality of individuals who are in contact with one another who take one another into accountAn essential feature of a group is that its members have something in common and that they believe what they have in common makes a difference p 293 Association of Specialists in Group Work A broad professional practice that refers to the giving of help or the accomplishment of tasks in a group setting Involves the application of group theory and process by a capable professional practitionerAssist an interdependent collection of people to reach their mutual goals personal interpersonal or task related ELEMENTS of a group Function Purpose or Type Structure or Form Process Development Skillfulness1 Types of groups Task Groups formed to achieve specific tasks and goals Developed to achieve a specific set of objectives or tasks are focused on completion of a product development of a product Concerted attention is paid to the tasks Attainment of the desired goals is very important Treatment Groups a therapeutic group whose members meet to produce behaviour change in one anotherTo help people develop more positive attitudes and better personal skillsTo use group process as a way of facilitating behaviour change To help members transfer newly acquired skills and behaviour learned in the group to everyday life For example people in AA would probably fall under the treatment group category The groups made in class to complete the major assignment would be a task group 2 Structure Form follows functionDuration task groups do better if close ended process groups can go on indefinitelyMembership who gets to be a member How to people get to be members Openclosed closed groups people start together and end together can be less structured open people are free to come and go new members MORE structured maintains level of control
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