Types of Research Qualitative: dealing with numbers Quantitative: tell a story September 17, 12

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3070
John Dwyer

September 17, 12 Types of Research Qualitative: dealing with numbers Quantitative: tell a story Steps in Planning Evaluation Research  Identify primary stakeholders  Identify and focus (which questions are more important then others)  Evaluability (capable of being evaluated) assessment  Literature review  Methodology Research Process  Select a research topic or question  Read literature, see what has been done  Develop hypothesis or research objective  Design study, who will you focus on, how to sample them/ measure them  Ethics review  Conduct study, collect data  Data analyses  Results  Dissemination] Critical Thinking Process  Ask questions  Objectively define the problem  Examine available evidence  Analyze assumptions and biases  Avoid emotional reasoning  Don’t oversimplify  Consider other interpretations  Tolerate uncertainty Objectives of Science  Describe  Predict  Explain  Determine causes Theory: set of interrelated hypothesis that is used to explain a phenomenon and make predi
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