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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3070
John Dwyer

September 19, 12 Program Logic Model Importance of Theory  Planning requires understanding of the parts of programs and how they are intended to interact to produce an outcome. The driving force producing this understanding is theory. (Dignan & Carr)  Logic model = Game Plan Program Theory: who do you think should decide on the final version of the theory underlying a program that is being developed? Should it be researchers or program staff? Why? Collaberative Functions of Logic Model Guide to develop a program Guide to plan an evaluation/ is the program effective? Consensus Communication, spread it out to people -Logic Model Template- work from the bottom up Tasks to Develop Logic Model Identify purpose, commitment, work group (representation from all key stakeholders) Set boundaries Identify and analyze documents Develop model, working with stakeholders Breakdown of Logic Model Template (Parenting Education Program Example) Target Groups Definition: persons or organizations that are to receive the program Example: parents in the community who have high school education or less and have a child 4 yrs or younger (benefit if it is more specific like this) Goal Definition: broad statement that gives the general intent of the program Example: achieve optimal child health Strategies or Compone
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