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Lecture 12

FRHD 3070 Lecture 12: Week 12 – Quasi_experimental Designs

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3070

1. Week 12 QuasiExperimental Designs Program Evaluation Needs assessment: o Are there problems that need to be addressed in a target population? Program Theory Assessment: o How will the problems be addressed? Will the proposed program address the needs appropriately? Process Evaluation: o Is the program addressing the needs appropriately? Is it being implemented appropriately? Outcome Evaluation: o Are the intended outcomes of the program being realized? Efficiency Assessment: o Is the cost of the program worth the outcomes? QuasiExperimental Designs Used when the control of true experiments cannot be achieved Lower internal validity than true experiments Use only when true experimentation is not possible Onegroup posttest only design o Compare the responses of a number of individuals exposed to the same event OneGroup PretestPosttest Design o Add a baseline measure to provide a basis for comparison Threats to internal validity o History effects o Maturation effects o Testing effects o Instrument decay
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