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Lecture 11

FRHD 3070 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3070

Within Participants Design Also called Repeated Measures Designs or Within Subjects Design Designs in which participants are exposed to all levels of the independent variable These designs use the word when listing levels of the independent variable the participants are exposed to Factors to Consider Advantages Fewer Participants Only need one group of participants for the study E.g., to have 20 twenty participant in each of the two levels . Equal Group Sizes Same participants for all levels of the independent variable More likely to have groups that have the same sample si Less Statistical Variance The degree of spread among data surrounding the mean The participants in each level are the same therefore any differences between the levels is due to the independent variable More Statistically Sensitive Disadvantages Fatigue Occurs when participants become tired or bored during an experiment Attrition Participants dropping out of a study or not returning to complete additional parts to a study The responses of an individual in one condition can be directly compared to the same persons responses in another condition (e.g., child in bad mood may be more aggressive, but this will affect both conditions Carryover, Order, and Practice Effects Carryover Effects Occur when the effect of prior treatment conditions influence subsequent treatment conditions When the effects of one level of manipulation are still present when the DV is assessed for another level of the manipulation. Order Effects Effects of a study are due to the participants experiencing the same order of presentation of the levels of the independent variable Practice Effects
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