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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3090
Michelle Preyde

Article 2 SummaryKendall J Circle of disadvantage Aboriginal poverty and underdevelopment in Canada The American Review of Canadian Studies SrSum pp4359 High infant mortality rates and lower life expectancy among aboriginals is related to lack of access to health care particularly those in remote locations substance abuse and suicide Aboriginals are a population experiencing a different level of development from the majority population Canadians closely resembling a thirdworld country Unemployment rates are extremely high Causes of underdevelopment o Loss of land and sovereignty cultural genocide lack of education and job market discrimination Most immediate cause of poverty in aboriginals is joblessness Location o Accessing resources and integrating with urban labour markets are pathways to successCultureo A communal approach to living collective ownership and sharing of resources as opposed to the idea of private rights that characterize western culture is a major stumbling block to aboriginal development Some sets of private ownership are necessary Loss of land and resources o Industrial development has been a major issueo It has caused them to become totally dependent on the other
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