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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3090
Michelle Preyde

Three Steps to Bridges – Bridges out of Poverty Guelph is the second City to offer the whole program, after Sarnia History of Three Bridges Emerged from increasing economic uncertainty Community framework Low wages impact communities Ripple effect as money leaves the community Effects sustainability Poverty rates increasing Average salary 44, 366 Min Wage – 19 798 CEO’s are making a lot more Putting it into perspective Hamilton: most advanced health care facilities Lot of reasons why people are in poverty Key Points The bridges approach is about economic Poverty is relative Generational and situational poverty are different If you are raised in generational poverty, depleted in many resources not just financial Situational poor: divorce, death, loss of job Bridges work is based on patterns, and all patterns have exceptions Most schools, organizations and businesses operate from middle class hidden rules and norms Generational poverty: have to engage in middle class rules Poverty Extent to which a person, institution or community does WITHOUT resources, gives us something to do about poverty Communities can help families build resources, families can help children build resources and individuals can build their own resources Resources can be built on hidden rules No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship The bridges framework is based on the understanding of relationships Use the understanding of hidden rules to help build relationships Without relationship you can’t expect relationships to occur Have to engage in a relationship first Dr. Ruby Payne and Hidden Rules: Middle class- quality of food, wealth-presentation of food, poverty- are you full Poverty: survival relationships entertainment Middle class: work achievement material security Borrow, have to pay back Don't ask for money Respect: what you do If you don't introduce yourself, you’re rude Wealth: political connections financial connections social connections Social connections- make more money Respect: who you know Where you've travelled, where you went to school Relationships Generational poverty: simply don’t have that much material security Poverty: survival relationships entertainment Hidden rules: students can learn rules of middle class Hidden rules: what do they look like? Clothing: P- clothing valued for individual style and expression of personality MC- clothing valued for its quality and acceptance into the norms of middle class. Label impo
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