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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Page 1 of 2 January 17, 2013 FRHD 3150- 01 January 17, 2013 3:53 PM  Define or describe behaviour modification (sample question) o Behaviour modification is commonly used to help people change behaviours. It is defined as the systematic application of learning principles and techniques to assess and improve people's maladaptive (covert and overt) behaviours. The purpose of using behaviour modification is to enhance daily functioning. o Sometimes examples can be a good idea  Youtube clip "john watson- little albert"  Operant conditioning youtube clip o Pigeon o Peck the "peck" sign o Turn when the "turn" sign is shown o Given food when they do it right o Pecking coloured disk was measured on a graph o Deprived pigeon of food  Reinforcement and punishment o Positive reinforcement stimuli = reward o Negative reinforcement = removing aversive  Ie. Putting seat belt on so awful noise stops  Doesn't work as well o Positive punishment= aversive stimuli (adding something)--> want to decrease a behaviour  Ie. Spraying dog with squirt bottle, spanking, yelling or scolding o Negative punishment= removing reward--> want to decrease behaviour  Ie. Taking tokens, timeout o Look at target behaviour o Examples  Candy= positive reinforcement (has to be something the person actually wants)  Could take candy away= negative punishment  Consumable ty
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