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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Page 1 of 2 February 26, 2013 (film)- Zimbardo FRHD 3150  Midterm 2 is non cumulative  Exam is cumulative  Film "Standford Prison experiment" o Was supposed to run for 2 weeks but had to end it after 6 days o To study psychological consequences of being a prisoner and guards o 1971 o Basement of psychology building o Placed ad in newspaper o $15 a day o Over 70 people applied o Given tests to rule out people with psychological issues, drug use, etc… o No psychological differences between prisoners and guards at beginning of the student o Guards couldn't in any way hit the prisoners but can create sense of boredom, create sense that their life is totally controlled by guards; no privacy o Take the prisoners from their house in squad car  Neighbours didn't know the experiment was occurring o All the same uniform (dress type shirt and rubber shower shoes and chain around their ankle)  Numbers on the uniform  Degrading outfit  Prisoner said they took it too seriously  Just looked at it as a job o Blindfolded them o Guards told to routinely do counts of prisoners  Opportunity to assert authority over prisoners o Rebellion on day 2  Prisoners began to taunt guards  Baraccaded themselves into the cell  Removed their clothes and removed their beds  Leaders of the rebellion  One had his feet chained together  Other was thrown into hall o Prisoners who were least involved in rebellion were put in privilege cell (were allowed a special meal while others washed but they refused to eat it) o Jumping jacks to punish prisoners o More strip searches o Going to the washroom was a privilege; sometimes they had to go in a bucket and weren't allowed to empty them until morning o One of the leaders of rebellion started feeling like it was becoming too much for him  Complaining of stomach pains and headaches  Superintendent (Zimbardo) offered him a deal--> he had to be a snitch  He said none of them could out--> made them feel like
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