Week 3 Lecture

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3150
Michelle Preyde

Week 3When the Chips are Down VIDEORichard LavoieFamous for helping children to improve in the classroom or enhance their learningWill help change your childs behaviour by changing your behaviour3 things you need to haveA knowledge base how these kids function and whyNeed to have techniques a bag of tricks to useNeed a philosophy a belief system in the way these students should be treated and taughtDevelop an understanding between positive and negative feedbackPositive feedback changes behaviour negative only stops behaviourBehaviour is not going to change that quicklyTry to think about the way children learn languageIn a crib freak out at the first words so much excitementReinforce each step of the behaviour and as we do the behaviour growsSay good job each time they do a little betterSuccessive approximationsTime outsYoure probably using it incorrectly to isolate kids to be a punishmentIt was never designed to be a punishment it was to take a child in a situation where they get positive reinforcement for negative behaviour where they get no reinforcement for negative behaviour Careful with sarcasm be ready to get sarcasm shot back at youBy setting up a cheat shot youre asking the children to lieThe children was so bad I am making you do double homeworkWhen youre good you dont have to do homeworkUsing school as a punishment you are giving the message that school is badPreventive DisciplineWe are too reactive with our children not proactiveStop the bad situation from happening in the first placeKids with learning disabilities are very environmentally responsiveThey have very little internal structureThey cant plan they cant do things in a structured wayWe have to give them external structureAll that means is that it is predictable they dont do well with surprisesYou need rules in your classroom they need to be postedThere should be a routine
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