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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3400
Tuuli Kukkonen

Solution-Focused Therapy and Questions October 3 , 2012 Sample Transcript (look at the slides) Process comments and observations – incorporate why you might not be the same power level and why that might be there (ie. Both were feeling comfortable because they were on equal footing, location, interviewer is asking the questions) Submit the assignments in class on Monday, make sure you know who your TA is. Transcript  Written verbatim, indicate pauses and silence  Look through text chapters 1 – 7 to identify skills used  In process comments and observation, must discuss power dynamics, multicultural differences that are affecting interview, statements from both interview and client perspective  Indicate non-verbal behaviours Solution Focused Therapy Stages of Solution Building  Describe the problem o How can we be helpful to you? o Less time and effort here than problem-solving approach  Develop well-formed goals o What would be different if problem solved? o Small and concrete o Represent beginning of something different What is a well-formed goal?  Personally relevant o Even if you don’t think their goal is on track, it’s good that they are still making goals!!!  Interactional  Situational o Narrow and specific enough that they can describe details  Desirable behaviours  Has beginning step  Role for client  Concrete, measurable  Realistic  Challenging o You don’t want them to not even think about it, they have to work at the goal in order to achieve it Stages of Solution Building  Exploring for exceptions o Whena re pro
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