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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3400
Tuuli Kukkonen

Observing and Reflecting Content – October 10 th Observation Skills  Allows you to know what is going on in the here and now of session  Non verbal o What are their gestures and expressions telling you  Verbal o What words are they using, switching topics, type of statements  You have to take in how their acting, the tone of voice, the language o So you can get a better idea of what is really going on, an issue that they’re not willing to talk about yet o Ie. Switching topics, stuttering, looking away when you look at them Body Language  Mirroring body language o If they shift, are you also shifting o Actually doing what your client is doing non-verbally  Movement complementarity o Paired movements that are harmonious o Do you lean back if your client leans forward o Gives a sense that you’re paying attention and makes the client feel at ease  Can get irritating for the client  Movement desychrony o Movements challenging what is said o The client is Turning away or backing away  How can you challenge this through body language?  When they move away, move towards them  To capture their gaze when they look away  If they’re slouching down, you sit up taller  The physical space in the room, where they sit  Look at their clothing and their appearance o Is it different than normal? Show up very dishevelled? o Clients want you to notice their appearance  You can bring it up because this big thing has changed and they may think you that don’t even see them  Your appearance in therapy matters o How you put yourself together will be noted by the clients o What to wear depends on how you want
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