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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3400
Tuuli Kukkonen

thOctober 24 2012Tough EmpathyWhat is it about this client that makes it difficult for me to be empathicDoes this client remind me of someone elseTo what extent do I have unresolved feelings and issues that this client triggers Why respond with empathyWay for you to understand clientInstrumental to helping relationshipClients feel valued and understoodOur empathy makes them face their feelings and those of the people that they hurt People working through difficulties do not need to be judged and evaluated Important to basic listeningPositive regard Respect and warmthConcretenessNonjudgmentAuthenticity and congruenceImmediacyImmediacyBeing in the here and nowPowerful for working with emotionsWhat are you thinking and feeling at this momentClient will respond to you as they have responded to significant other
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