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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 4200
Corey Isaacs

January 25, 2014 FRHD 4200: Issues in Human Sexuality Dual control - 2 mechanisms at wok at once; stable and central (to a degree, changes across situations) 2 types of sexual inhibition factors Conceptual nervous system- analogous; precursor to an understanding; conceptual, not physiological- process of inhibition, process of excitability You don't shift from being inhibited to being excited- lots of factors at play at once Adaptable and functional- inhibition and excitation Good model for guiding research Is the model actually stable? More dynamic possibly, due to growing personal experience Essentialism - there is an essence within you that just ‘is’ -biologically determined -Opposite of social constructionism -Very biological and absolute Social constructionism - looks at the social realities people have created; everything is relative -Learning the norm and not changing it (ie gender pronouns) -Wh
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