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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 4200
Corey Isaacs

January 28, 2014 FRHD 4200: Issues in Human Sexuality Beyond choice of research methodology, what are some other issues? -ethics, confidentiality, participant recruitment, taboo, stigma, bias, are the participants different on some inherent level that makes them willing to participate Sampling- how do you go about doing that? -true random sampling is extremely rare -convenience sampling is much more common (recruitment in classes, as an example; ie bonus grade) -volunteer bias: who is participating in the study Validity: how true is what you're finding? Internal: cause and effect, are you testing what you believe you're testing, External: ability to generalize the information you find to the overall population Threats- attrition, small sample size, complexities of human behaviour means its almost impossible to determine a real cause and effect relationship, confounding variables, instrumentation, social desirability, Influence from the person implementing the survey/ interview Getting wired: exploiting... What are some advantages of Internet data collection: quick, relatively easy, cost effective, Disadvantages- not a controlled environment Major issues identified by the author- cheap, bi
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