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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 4200
Corey Isaacs

Orgasm Inc. Documentary FRHD 4200: Issues in Human Sexuality Where are the cream and the pills for the elusive female orgasm? Alista- basically same drug tested on women Harder for women to tell because they don't have the obvious erection from external genitalia “Female sexual dysfunction” discovered recently Vivus- erectile dysfunction for women No new medical discoveries- more or less changing ideas/ do we actually need a pill? How did it come to be seen as a disease- they don’t want to answer, which is weird because they're developing the drug; the market went wild and the drugs success sort of just happened 'We, the drug company, define the disease' - why would we want a drug company to do this? Is this exploitative? If they can transform sexual difficulties into a disease, then it becomes their job to 'cure' it Lots of money to be made telling healthy people they're sick ***pharmaceuticals Once the FDArecognizes female sexual disorders, became a gold rush Potential market = 1/3 of the pupation over 25 -orgasmatron clinical trials Woman says she wants to be 'healthy and normal' 'not only am I not normal, I am diseased' when growing up, giving into the flesh was considered wrong. Risks of paralysis and shock Book- selling sickness 43% idea from a survey from the 90s; even the creator of the survey says that the women are normal and that they are reacting perfectly normally to the human organism -turns healthy people into patients Leonore Tiefer ** Many of the researchers were stakeholders/ had the ability to gain financially Was it Elista or the sexual context in which the pills are taken 3-5times more favourable outcomes when the research is done by stakeholders *clitoral stimulation How many women will be take advantage of because of lack of comprehen
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