Measuring Nutritional Status in the Individual

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University of Guelph
Food Agricultural and Resource Economics
FARE 1300
Spencer Henson

1192012 103700 AM Measuring nutritional status in the individual y In order to see how malnourished a group is we have to assess nourishment individual by individual y These are methods of direct assessment of the nutritional status of an individual y Input o Dietary assessment y Outcome o Clinical assessment o Biochemical assessment o Anthropometric assessment Dietary Assessment y Assess nutrient intake y Approaches o Dietary recall an interview with a selfreporting style of remembering food intakeThe problem is that it is sometimes hard to remember o Dietary record recording the amount of food consumed at meal times usually by weightPotential problemwhen people know the food is being judged they will adjust their diet to make it look good or easier to weigh o Replicate studies o Food frequency questionnaire y Comparison with dietary standards Clinical Assessment y Examination of the physical signs of nutritional disorders o Eg symptoms of Kwashiorkor y Reliability o Dependent on clinical skills o Manifestation of symptoms in individualsie how significant the signs are
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