Measuring Malnutrition

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University of Guelph
Food Agricultural and Resource Economics
FARE 1300
Spencer Henson

Lecture 6 1262012 103400 AM Measuring the number of malnourished peopley Why do we want to measure o To determine if our aid is working o To determine who needs the most help o To see trends over time o To determine causality o Political reason international commitments the problem is that this creates an entire politics of data collection y National o Living standard surveys gather info on income economic approach and have a measure of which of those people are considered poor o Nutrition surveys anthropometric methods and others very expensive so these surveys are not done very often in poorer countries o Surveysgetting a sample of the population to apply to everyone y Global o Simple extrapolations o Modeling y FAO Model for Estimating Number of Malnourished People o Estimates based on three factorsNational per capita availability of caloriesDistribution of available calories across households looking at low income vs high income based on surveyscutoff point Lowest acceptable percapita availability of calories what is the lowest amount someone needs to just meet their needs o This is done every year for every country in the world o ProblemsData availabilityquality the info is mainly provided by governments so it is highly political
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