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Lecture 13

FRHD 1020 Lecture 13: 04.01.15

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 1020
Shayna Sparling

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Factors that Reduce the Risk of Divorce
annual income- $50,000
Risk reduced by 30%
Getting married after 25
Risk reduced by 24%
Parents happily married
Risk reduced by 14%
Strong religious beliefs
Risk Reduced by 14%
University Education
Risk reduced by 13%
In the past 100 years, divorce has gone from being socially stigmatized to a relatively normative event.
What mechanisms might have helped bring about this kind of change?
The religion (church) and the state has separated, state has gone on its own
people have more free choice, less religious now a days
religion doesn't have as much of an affect now
women's rights, thinking of women as people instead of property
The Process of the Divorce-p49
What happens before, during, after
important to understand divorce in its own context
diverse potential pathways in and out of divorce
recognizes families and divorce is considered ecology
eras influence, gender, race, cultural values, legal context, economic conditions (lives,
can each survive financially)
Factors of influence on model
The Family Format
young childless couple vs blended have it easier
blended- custody, moving schools etc
managed Childs feelings
structure of family can change at any time
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