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Lecture 3

FRHD 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Biofeedback, Psychoneuroimmunology, Stress Management

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 1100
Robin Milhausen

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FRHD 1100 Lecture 3
What is Stress:
physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be
a factor in disease causation
Acute Time Limited Stressors: anxiety provoking
Brief Naturalistic Stressors: serious challenge
Stressful Event: recognizes stressful situations will come to an end
Chromic Stressors: don’t show clear end point
Distant Stressors: (PTSD) traumatic experience still affecting person
Types of Stress:
Student Stressors
test stress
academic failure
financial problems
linked to headaches, sleep disturbance, and colds
Breakup Stress
deal with Complicated grief
intense extended period of grief often linked to loss of another person
female students report more break us stress
Financial Stress:
paying school while trying to maintain good grades
Test Stress
increase in stress while studying for exams
societal stressor
Environmental Stressor:
natural disaster
Acts of Terrorism
Illness + Disability
body as tremendous impact on emotions
learning disability is a common source of stress in students
adaptation of peoples inability to manage with new technology
Workplace Stress
work stress makes work harder
noisy work environment increases stress
Stress Survival:
Defence Mechanisms: other responses to stress, used to help cope with personal problems
perception of and response to stressor is crucial
Stop Stress Build Up
Deep breathing
Eat Healthy
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