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Lecture 1

FRHD 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Health Promotion, Electronic Health Record, The Who

Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 1100
Robin Milhausen

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Lecture #1
Student Wellness
General Health
Treated the most;
o Back Pain
o Allergies
o Strep Throat
o Sinus Infection
University of Guelph have a good rating on how much fruit and vegetables they intake.
Approximately 43.6% of the University of Guelph students meet the recommended about
of physical exercise.
Sexual Health
Approximately, 40% of University of Guelph student used a condom the last time they
had sex
Approximately 60% of University of Guelph students use a contraceptive
Alcohol Use
University of Guelph students tend to enjoy their alcohol. But has decreased since 2013.
The actual use and perceived use is misleading.
Marijuana Use
Increase in the amount of University of Guelph students smoke weed
The perceived amount is way higher than the actual use.
Mental Health
A large sum of University of Guelph students are stressed higher than the average
Major stress factors (most to least)
o Academics
o Sleep Difficulties
o Finances
o Intimate Relationships
o Personal Appearance
o Career Related Issues
A large sum of students suffers from mental disorders.
Top 5 they are diagnosed with;
o Anxiety
o Depression
o Insomnia
o Panic Attacks
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Additional Questions
90.4% strongly agree or agree that the university has a sincere interest in the wellbeing
of students (Higher than other university)
85.4% faculty have a sincere interest in the wellbeing of students (Higher than other
83.8% feel they are part of a community at the University of Guelph (Higher than other
What is Health?
Health Status of Canadians
On average Canadians rate their health as excellent or very good
Canadians are among the healthiest in the world
o 4th highest life expectancy in the world
Satisfaction with Health Care
Most patients are satisfied with their services
We have a 5 prong system
o Publicly Administered, Non-Profit
Cannot charge additional money for insured health expenses
o Comprehensive
All medically required services provided by licensed practitioners in
hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices covered
Hospital care includes all inpatient service, a standard room (unless private
accommodations are considered medically necessary)
All necessary drugs, biologic products, supplies and diagnostic tests, as well
as a range of outpatient services.
o Universal
All legal residents are entitled in their province or territory
o Portable
Entitled when you move to another province or travel
If specialty care is unavailable in Canada, gov’t will cover treatment
anywhere else in the world
o Accessible
Reasonable access to insures hospitals and physicians without barriers
No discrimination on the basis of age, income, health status, gender, etc.
Perceived Problems in Canada
Access to care
o After hours’ health care
o Specialist appointments and elective surgeries
Electronic medical records
Quality of medical research
Access to hospital beds
Overcrowding in emergency rooms
Doctors leaving Canada
o Happening less now
Nurses leaving the profession
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