FRHD 2280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Executive Functions

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Lecture 1: Introduction
What is Adolescence?
Adolescence is the period after puberty begins and before adult roles are taken on. Do not have fully
formed frontal lobes - takes until you are 25! Executive functioning comes online around 5 or 6. Adolescence is
physically maturing bodies with immature brains. It is a fairly new term, coming into common usage in the
early 20th century. Adolescents have different needs then children and adults. Brains work best in the afternoon.
Adolescence is also culturally constructed.
Adolescence: A Cultural Construct
Good information in the textbook. Almost all cultures recognize adolescence as a life period. The length,
content, and daily experience differs across cultures. It is a period of storm and stress.
The Age of Adolescence: 1890 - 1920
Contributing factors. First, there was legislation prohibiting child labour laws. Separates who is a child,
and when they can engage in work. Second, requirements for children to attend secondary schooling. Cannot
leave school until you are 16. Before, secondary school was optional. Third, adolescence emerges as a distinct
field of scholarship. Literature emerges.
Emerging Adulthood is the Age of...
Identity explorations. Instability. Self-focus. Feeling in-between. Possibilities - seem that they narrow.
Ages 18 to 25 is the emerging adulthood phase.
What Do You Think?
Is 25 a good upper age boundary for the end of emerging adulthood? Where would you put the upper
age boundary, and why? What is the best age to enter a committed relationship or marriage (marker of
adulthood)? Arnett reported 26 for women and 28 for men.
Correlation Versus Causation
Correlation does not equal causation. You must always consider other variables that may affect the
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