FRHD 2280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Agnosticism, Acculturation, Moral Imperative

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Lecture 6: Cultural Beliefs
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Issues regarding morality. Ethics and morals are different.
Socialization: Sources
Sources are a holistic process. Combination of the multiple factors. Values and beliefs are very
important to adolescents. ACT therapy is an example. A disconnect between your own values and beliefs can
result in mental health disorders. But remember that people's values and beliefs shift quite a bit. Increase of
peers/friends influence and decrease in family. Culturally limited though.
Socialization: "The Law"
Globalization had a huge effect how adolescents act. Looked at Australian Aborigines who have a set of
beliefs called "The Law". Adolescent males were required to participate in 3 initiation ceremonies. Under the
collectivist branch, and is a narrow branch of socialization. The Law examined interpersonal relationships,
purpose in life, how they know that they are ready to become an adult, or a marriage partner. So it is a
relationship between individuals, society and divine forces. As you understood these, you become more adult-
like and take on more adult responsibilities. Now there has been a shift away from collectivist ideas about you
have to do for your family. Will a time come when there will only be one global influence? Globalization
decreases racial identity, religion etc., are decreasing, but on the other hand, they are arbitrary concepts from the
beginning. Are we becoming one big blob of cultural influence?
Socialization: "Middletown"
Can examine shifts in our own culture. Examined women about the values they should teach to their
child. Narrow collectivist forms of socialization decreased in 1978 compared to 1928. More individualistic
forms of socialization increased, which is the broad form of socialization. Can see a switch. Adolescence has
changed very much in the last 15 years as a result of access to internet and smartphones. So its not just cultural
forces like ethnicity and religion that are changing, but technology is a huge thing. So what is available has
changed, but our brains have not changed...but have they?
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