FRHD 2280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Imaginary Audience, Frontal Lobe, Egocentrism

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Lecture 4: Cognitive Foundations
Breakfast Club
Movie about social groups. Teens form groups based on their peers.
Adolescents and Competent Decisions
We have ages at which we allow adolescents to engage in adult activities. How does this affect brain
development? School dropout is 18. Should we change the age of these activities? Linked to behavioural
development theory. This is where adolescents identify options, evaluate consequences, and make a choice.
Begin to evaluate future outcomes.
Social Cognition
Adolescents are very social creatures.
Two Aspects of Social Cognition
Perspective taking. Not a given. What they think is not necessarily what other people think. More
mature. Adolescent egocentrism. Narcissism. Filter experiences through themselves. Heightened sense of
personal responsibility.
Perspective Taking
What other people think and feel. Occurs in the frontal lobe. It is the ability to reflect on their role.
Evident when teenagers say "That's not fair!". Generalizes to social issues and more complex issues.
Theory of Mind
Develops at 4 or 5. Task to test this. Two children are playing upstairs. One child leaves the room. Other
child puts the toy they were playing with in the closet, when they normally put the toy in the drawer. Where will
the other child look when they come back into the room?
Adolescent Egocentrism
Imaginary audience. The region of their brain that gauges this is more active. Aware of and sensitive to
judgement from others. Personable fable is when everyone is unique, but htey are uniquier. end up with very
similar groups because everyone is being unique! Bear in mind that people are still sensitive throughout life.
Optimistic Bias
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